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Protecting Yourself When You Own a Plane


Aircraft Owner Insurance

Protecting you, and your investment.

Your aircraft is a major investment – and protecting it correctly is vital to getting the most enjoyment and productivity from it each and every day. From older single-engine pistons, to the very latest turboprops and business jets, we can ensure you’re protected by the best coverages in the business. 

aircraft owner insuranceOne of the first steps is being sure you've got the correct insurance for your specific aircraft. Whether it's a Citabria or a Citation, we offer a host of quality, comprehensive insurance policies to choose from – all from A.M. Best “A”- rated or better carriers, along with coverage options to fit your specific needs and, your budget.

Here are just a few of the benefits of insuring your aircraft with AssuredPartners Aerospace:

  • Customer service and aviation expertise that set the highest standard in the industry
  • Access to all major insurance carriers provides a wide variety of coverage options
  • Ability to handle transitioning pilots and unique risks
  • Discount programs for AOPA members which can help you reduce coverage costs
  • Our long-term relationships with major insurers can give you better coverages and better pricing
  • AssuredPartners Aerospace continues to support the future of general aviation and protect our freedom to fly through our Strategic Partnership with AOPA.

Frequently Asked Questions

As you might expect, pilots with more experience and few accidents get lower rates simply because, to insurance carriers, they pose less of a risk. Logging more pilot-in-command flight time in your make and model of aircraft, remaining claims-free, and earning your instrument rating, can all help lower costs as insurers calculate your premium. In sum, the best things you can do are: Fly more. Fly safely. And keep upgrading your ratings and skills.

An open pilot warranty is a clause in many aircraft insurance policies, which allows pilots with certain minimum qualifications to fly the aircraft on an occasional basis without being specifically endorsed on the policy as a Named Pilot.

Insurance policies vary on this, but there are some companies that will allow for reimbursement of some costs associated with the flight. The broadest form allows for reimbursement so long as no financial profit is made. Give us a call to review your current coverage – and we can discuss the scenario you are considering.

Imagine having to make an emergency landing in your airplane. You spy a golf course below with a long fairway where you’re able to land the plane. Unfortunately, during the landing a golfer is clipped by a wing, your passenger suffers a neck injury, the fairway is torn to shreds, and your aircraft is damaged.

Your liability coverage includes property damage (other than your owned aircraft), bodily injury outside the aircraft and bodily injury inside the aircraft.

With a smooth limit, you have the entire limit amount to address all three liability claims. This means if you insured at $1,000,000 smooth, you have the full $1,000,000 to cover the claims. Policies with smooth limits are typically more expensive, but as we look at policies with a sub-limit, you’ll understand why.

With a per-passenger sub-limit, coverage for the passenger is limited to the amount listed on the policy. For instance, if you insured at $1,000,000 combined single limit with $100,000 per passenger, the golfer and the course would be covered under the $1,000,000 and coverage for the passenger would be limited to $100,000.

With a per-person sub-limit, your coverage amount would be limited not only for your passenger, but also for the golfer since each is a “person.” For instance, if you insured at $1,000,000 combined single limit with $100,000 per-person, the course would be covered under the $1,000,000, and the golfer and the passenger would be limited to a maximum of $100,000. Because per-person sub-limits are the most restrictive – and because there’s almost never a related premium savings – they should be avoided if at all possible. At AssuredPartners Aerospace, we do not offer a per-person sublimit.

The proper insured value to carry is the amount of money it would take to purchase another aircraft exactly like yours (i.e., similar year, equipment, condition, etc.) in today’s market. It’s possible, however, to over-insure or under-insure to your detriment, so be sure to choose the value carefully.

If you over-insure, in some cases the insurance company is forced to repair the aircraft rather than total it, even when there’s major damage—leaving you to deal with significant damage history and no compensation for the loss of value when your aircraft is repaired and returned to service.

If you under insure, in some cases the insurance company will total, rather than repair, the aircraft. You may not be compensated for the amount needed to replace your aircraft with one of a similar quality. And don’t forget to consider repair costs. If you have an aircraft without a ready supply of parts, or face other issues that drive up repair costs, be sure to factor that into your hull value decision, too.

  • Eve provided excellent customer service when I asked her to please expedite a request for coinsurance for an airshow. Lightning quick response!

    Brian M.

  • Eve was very efficient and polite when I spoke to her on the phone. She took care of my questions in less than a minute.

    Michael L.

  • My rudder was damaged from contact with the hangar door.  I was reluctant to submit a claim since I had just switched to this carrier and I am 70 years old.  After speaking with Eve and considering her advice, I took her up on the offer to contact an adjuster for his view.  Jeff called a few minutes later and was also very helpful.  He even contacted the underwriter to discuss my dilemma.  Both were outstanding to work with and I could not be happier with the support I received from them.  I strongly recommend APA Insurance and Starr.

    David H.

  • Eve was very helpful and knowledgeable. She got right back to me and answered all my questions. She is a pleasure to work with.

    James A.

  • Marci did a great job of renewing my A/C liability policy for another year. She conducted herself in a very professional manner by answering the phone and explaining the various aspects of renewing my policy. Good job, Marci.

    Dennis C.

  • Michael's assistance in changing my insurance to cover flight and ground was exceptional. In less than 24 hours he had secured a quote and guided me through the process of binding the insurance through the rest of the existing coverage year.

    Michael was courteous and very professional in helping me get the insurance on my airplane changed to include flight and back in the air! He is a great agent and I am grateful to him for helping me.

    Gerald H.

  • I have renewed my aircraft insurance, and consequently needed to speak with an agent. I was handled by Eve, who answered the phone most politely, mentioning my name right away, (which was very pleasant), and handled my questions appropriately and professionally. Eve is a valued member of your operation and should be congratulated.

    A clever rejoinder when we had completed our business was to please mail in a signed copy of the application, or you can fly in with it to the nearby field. I found that an amusing and witty comment to a pilot renewing his insurance.

    Wally B.